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Accommodation & Services

We believe that a worry-free stay with everything well arranged for you is the essential foundation to gain a great international experience. These services and costs are therefor included:

  • Fully furnished room
  • Equipped communal kitchen including kitchenware
  • Furniture common areas
  • Gas and electricity consumption (based on normal use)
  • Water consumption and water authority taxes
  • Municipal taxes
  • Waste management
  • Wi-Fi system
  • Airport pick up service (during pick-up days)
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Cleaning assistance; cleaning materials, starter pack cleaning supplies, quarterly professional cleaning of sanitary facilities
  • Free access to our social events; Welcome to Holland party, Christmas dinner, Spring event
  • Free access to our weekly Yoga classes
  • First Friend WhatsApp service
  • Maintenance support; Repairs service, Fire & Safety and Central heating system maintenance
  • Excellent support & guidance (hotel reception function)
  • Work for Friends program
  • 9% VAT (short stay tax)
Bedding package €129.- (optional)

We offer a full and good quality bedding package. We will place the package in your room when you arrive, so you don’t have to hassle with bringing or finding decent bed linen. Our bedding package contains:

  • mattress protector
  • fitted sheet and duvet cover
  • 4 seasons duvet (1 for the winter and 1 for the summer)
  • 1 pillow
  • 1 towel

Personal Fridge €17,50 p/m (optional)

We have a fridge and freezer in every communal kitchen which can be used by all residents. However, some residents like to have an own fridge in their room. This is why we offer the rental of a personal fridge. This is an extra fridge to be placed in your room, slightly bigger than an average hotel room fridge.  We will make sure it is ready to use when you arrive, how cool is that!

All room types are at minimum equipped with:

  • Comfortable bed
  • Nightstand with lamp
  • Smart TV
  • Desk with desk lamp
  • Office chair
  • Wardrobe
  • Curtains or blinds
  • Whiteboard
  • Laptop stand
  • Laundry rack

In addition:

  • The Bronze Windmill rooms have a single bed (90×200 cm)
  • The Silver Windmill rooms have a double bed (140×200 cm) OR a single bed and a sofa
  • The Golden Windmill rooms have a double bed and a sofa
  • The Diamond Windmill and En-suite Windmill rooms have a double bed and a sofa (in some rooms there is an extra sofa or chair / sitting area)

We believe that living in a typical Dutch student house, is the most social way of living abroad as an international student. The best friendships grow when you cook and dine together with your housemates. It definitely creates a close bond when you live together under one roof.

We offer different student houses around the city and each house and room is unique. Depending on your wishes you can choose to live in a student house with a total of 4 rooms or even in a house with a total of 13 rooms.

You can also choose for a female only house if you wish to live with only girls. Or you can choose to live in one of our Master students only houses. 

On our booking system you will find the details of the house and the total amount of rooms in the student accommodation.

We always aim to create a place in our student houses where you can dine together or hang out with your housemates and friends. Within these moments friendships are created and great memories are made.

All houses are unique so the space of the common kitchen or living area differs. You’ll find houses with a great living area with a sofa and tv or even a small private cinema in the basement. Or you’ll find a house with a small dining table in the kitchen as the center of the house.

You’ll find the specifics of the accommodation on our booking system. Click on a room and scroll down to Specifics or filter on ‘Living / Dining area’.

Yes! Every kitchen is fully equipped with dishes, cutlery, glasses, pots and pans and water cooker. You will also have a stove, fridge and freezer combination and a microwave/oven. You can start cooking immediately after your arrival!

Yes, you’ll have! All our accommodations and rooms are equipped with flat-screen Smart TVs and Wi-Fi connection.

That depends on the room specifics. Half of our rooms are equipped with a private sink. Go to our booking system and filter on ‘private sink’ to check which rooms have this feature. 

Yes, you can! Every accommodation is equipped with a washing machine in the common area, which can be used for free.

  • Bronze Windmill rooms: 90×200 cm
  • Silver Windmill rooms: 90×200 or 140×200
  • Golden / Diamond / En-suite Windmill rooms: 140×200 cm

All our rooms are reserved by Tilburg University for new incoming Bachelor and Master students. Our residents come from all over the world.

We offer a few accommodations for female only or Master student only. Most accommodations are mixed gender and mixed Bachelor and Master students.

Yes we do. We offer a few accommodations for only females. On our booking system you can easily filter the available rooms on ‘females only house’. 

All our student houses are located in Tilburg in the main student neighborhoods and Tilburg University and Fontys University are always very well accessible by bike or bus. Also the city center is always easy to reach.

For more information about the locations of our student houses please go to our webpage Accommodations and go to the map under Our locations.

For more information about the distances to the main spots of the accommodations please go to our booking system, click on a room and scroll down to ‘How far are the main spots?’

Do you like to connect with other students and make fun from time to time? We are more than happy to welcome you at our events. All free of charge.

Welcome to Holland event

We start the year with our ‘Welcome to Holland’ event. It’s a great opportunity to get to know your housemates or other internationals in a casual atmosphere.

Christmas Dinner

In early December we organize our yearly Christmas dinner. It’s an evening full of food, drinks and entertainment. Perfect moment to get into the Christmas spirit!

Spring event

In May we organize a fun event with hopefully some nice spring sunshine. Last year we got together in the city park and ate brick oven pizzas, baked by the local pizza baker.

Besides that sport is good for your body and mind it also is a good way to socialize and meet new people during your stay in Tilburg. Join our weekly Yoga classes given by a professional yoga teacher.

The classes will be held in the big common area of our office location. Every Wednesday evening we will turn it into a chill and relax atmosphere. You can register for the classes on the same day. Sometimes the classes are fully booked so we work with a first come first serve system.

Lower your stress levels, learn how to relax better and keep your body and mind flexible!


Opening bookings for Academic year 2024/2025 on 30th of May 2024, 8:00 UTC.

Please go to our Booking page and scroll to ‘How to book a room?’ for the step-by-step plan.

All our rooms are Short stay only and have a fixed lease period of 1 year. The start date of the lease period differs per student house between 1 and 12 of August. You’ll find the lease period of the rooms on our booking system in the section ‘Additional information’, after clicking on a room. 

The lease will always end after the 1 year lease period so it’s not possible to extend your stay. Tilburg University reserved all our rooms for their new incoming international students. So every year on we make our rooms available again for this group of students.

We are the official housing partner of Tilburg University and our rooms are exclusively reserved for new incoming international students of Tilburg University, in specific:

  • Master students
  • Bachelor students
  • Exchange students for 2 semesters

If you are already living in Tilburg you are not eligible to make a booking.

No, you don’t have to register or make an account in order to book a room. Simply go to our booking system and follow the steps of our booking process.

During the booking process we ask you to upload the acceptance letter of your university along with a copy of your passport.

You can book your room with both a conditional and unconditional acceptance letter of your university. It’s not possible to book a room without an acceptance letter.

On top of the rent there are 3 costs that are charged once.

Short stay booking costs €385,-

We rent our rooms to new incoming international students on a short stay basis, for a maximum of 1 year. The entire cycle from arrival to departure occurs every year and involves a lot of work and preparation. It includes in particular completing booking procedure, contract and administration costs, helpdesk pre-arrival fase, arrival planning, and checking in and out of the room.

End of tenancy cleaning & maintenance €475,-

There is a lot involved in cleaning and maintaining a house at the end of the lease occupied by international students, it includes:

  • thorough cleaning by professional cleaning company of the room, furniture, sanitary facilities, communal kitchen and all devices and common areas
  • small repairs and other maintenance work
  • garden maintenance
  • cleaning of the gutters
  • replenish missing kitchen supplies
  • cleaning of windows and window frames
  • removing and disposing of bed linen, left items and waste
  • unclogging of sewers and sinks

Payment transfer costs €95,-

These are the costs that our payment administrator charges for you to pay the down payment. Also it includes the bank fees that are charged when we refund the tenancy deposit to your bank account.

You will have to pay a tenancy deposit of €1.250,- in total. You will receive your full deposit back after the end date of your lease contract if:

  • At the end of your lease period nothing is broken, the room is left clean and you didn’t smoked inside of the house*
  • You have given back all the keys
  • You have signed your ‘Notification of abroad form’ to make sure you will be deregistered at the municipality of Tilburg as a resident of the house
  • There are no outstanding payments

The full payment is divided in two parts. The down payment and the remaining rent payment.

Down payment
To finalize the booking of a room you have to transfer an immediate down payment by Creditcard or Paypal. Please make sure you increase your limit for a one-time payment. The down payment contains:

  • 1 month of rent
  • Short stay booking costs of €385,-
  • End of tenancy cleaning & maintenance costs of €475,-
  • Tenancy deposit of €1250,- (refundable after check out)
  • Payment transfer cost of €95,-
  • Optional: Bedding package €129,- and Personal fridge (12 months of rent)

Remaining rent payment
Once you’ve made a booking, we will send an invoice of the remaining 11 months of rent. The due date is 14 days of the booking date. You can pay this invoice by bank transfer.

To finalize the booking of a room you have to transfer an immediate down payment by Creditcard or Paypal.

Please make sure you increase your limit for a one-time payment because there are standard limits on your card. We strongly recommend to check or contact your provider in advance whether you Creditcard is valid and ready to make the payment. 

Due to the nature of the purpose of the stay and to the nature of the property and services, we will sign a Short stay room rental tenancy agreement. It is legally not possible to cancel the tenancy agreement earlier than the full lease period of 1 year, both for tenant as landlord.

However we do offer the option to terminate the tenancy agreement earlier. We would like to refer you to our General terms and conditions, article 3. 

We don’t do viewings in the students houses and rooms out of privacy reasons for the residents, we want to respect the living environment. 

On our booking system you can view every room in detail with several pictures, also of the student house. If you any questions after checking all the info about the locations, please contact us. We are happy to help. 

Arrival & practical matters

We like to give everyone a warm and worry-free welcome, so we start your international experience with our organized airport pick-up days.

We will gather at one specific point at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport or Eindhoven Airport and every hour a taxi will go to Tilburg. The airport pick-up days for Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and Eindhoven Airport are:

  • 13th of August (8:00 AM – 8:00 PM)
  • 14th of August (8:00 AM – 8:00 PM)
  • 15th of August (8:00 AM – 8:00 PM)

Yes you can arrive on every date and time you prefer with our self check-in service. Our student houses and rooms are 24/7 accessible with an access code*.

More information about the self check-in procedure will be provided in the Arrival info document. We will send this document a few weeks before your arrival.

If you arrive by plane we do recommend to join our airport pick-up service, it’s definitely the most comfortable way of starting your international experience.

*We recommend to arrive at the address of your new room between 09:00 AM – 5:00 PM during weekdays, so that you are assured of our customer service.

Our rooms and kitchens are fully furnished so you only need your clothes, books, towels, toiletries, laptop and your favorite pictures. Don’t forget to bring some fun decorations and personal stuff with you so that you feel immediately at home in your new room.

Also don’t forget to bring some essentials:

  • Bed linen if you didn’t ordered our bedding package
  • A printed copy of your lease contract in order to register at the municipality as a new resident of Tilburg
  • A printed copy of the Arrival information document with all the essential information about your arrival
  • Fully charged mobile phone in order to reach us during the airport pick-up days, in case of delay for example

In case of an emergency, like a power shutdown or extreme leakage, you can call us by using our 24/7 emergency service. 

Yes, you are allowed to have your friend over but not for longer than 3 days. Always consult with your housemates and inform them of the visit.

Note: You are responsible for the people that visit your accommodation in case of nuisance or damage.

Every property of Student Housing Holland is provided with a proper central heating system. In all properties the temperature is set to 19°C. The central heating system will always automatically aim for 19°C minimum.

Every room is installed with an adjustable heater. Your adjustable heater(s) have levels of warmth. Level 3 is the right level to keep the room at a comfortable temperature. Please turn your heater(s) to level 1 or 2 when leaving your room for longer than one hour and at night. If the adjustable heater in your room is not heated, the temperature has reached 19°C. If the temperature drops under 19°C your heaters in the room will go on again. So, you don’t have to worry if the heater is not hot every hour of the day.

The Netherlands is the second most expensive country of Europe when it comes to energy and gas prices, so please avoid unnecessary use. In case of excessive costs/use, it is necessary for us to charge you the additional costs.

“Think about the environment and help us with creating a more sustainable use of energy.”