All-in service

Gain a great international experience

We give you the key handles and guidance during your stay
Enjoy our unique service, all included

Fully furnished rooms

All our student accommodations are fully furnished, so you’re immediately provided with all necessary comforts. From your own TV to mood lights, we ensure that you feel at home when you arrive. Just bring in your stuicase, some clothes and you favourite pictures of your beloved ones.

Equipped kitchen

Thanks to our equipped kitchens you don’t have to worry about bringing or buying all sorts of kitchenware. We provide you with all that is needed to start cooking immediately after your arrival. So there will be no hassle with carrying bags full of dishes, cutlery, glasses, pots and pans and kitchen utensils. Another worry tackled!

All utilities included

No worries about setting up subscriptions for Wi-Fi, gas, electricity, water or receiving invoices of the government about paying municipal taxes. We have already arranged everything for you so you only have to be aware of your sustainable footprint and control your consumption. Let’s save our Planet together!

24/7 security service

Friends are always there for each other. Even when everyone else is sleeping. That’s why we offer an unique 24/7 emergency service. You can contact us 24/7 in case of an emergency like power shutdown, accident, fire and safety issues. So don’t hesitate to contact your property manager in case of an emergency.

Fun social events

Do you like to connect with other students and just like to make fun from time to time besides studying? We are more than happy to welcome you to our events. Join our famous ‘Welcome to Holland’ event, Christmas dinner, and our closing event. Enjoy your international experience to the fullest!

Airport pick up

You don’t need to hassle with public transport after your arrival in Holland because we will be waiting for you at the airport during our pick-up days. That’s what friends are for! We’ll pick you up by car and we bring you and your luggage to your new room. That’s what we call ‘a warm Dutch welcome’!

Arranging additional services

We are specialized in housing & services for international students for years now, so we understand your needs and wishes. You can add a full bedding package or personal fridge during the booking process, and we will make sure it will be ready in your room when you arrive. We know our ways to let you get in touch with bike suppliers and more..

Yoga classes

Besides that sports is good for your body and mind it also is a good way to socialize and meet new people during your stay in Tilburg. Join our weekly Yoga classes given by a professional yoga teacher! Lower your stress levels, learn how to relax better and keep your body and mind flexible.

First Friend WhatsApp service

You will arrive in a foreign country and leave your safe haven. The first weeks after your arrival can be both exciting as stressful. We understand this and really want to help you feeling welcome and comfortable. During the arrival weeks you can reach us on WhatsApp for any help, as your First Friend in Town we strive to react instantly!

Work for friends

Working during your time in the Netherlands can not only help you pay the bills but can also have a positive contribution to your international experience and help you make Dutch friends. In collaboration with our partners, we can help you find work in retail, hospitality industry, and (sports) events.

Excellent support & guidance

We have experienced service employees who are happy to help with any of your concerns. We will help you with all practical guidance to live like a real citizen of Tilburg, from getting in contact with a general practitioner to joining a sports club. Let us help and inform you about all sorts of your questions, like a friendly hotel reception.

Public transport card

In Holland it’s common to use a ‘Public Transport Chipcard’ for travelling through the country by train, bus, tram and the subway (‘metro’). We’ll make sure that your Public Transport card is ready to use when you arrive by adding an initial credit! Exploring a new country was never so easy.